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How to Find Low Mileage Cars in Lynnwood

How to Find Low Mileage Cars in LynnwoodAre you looking for a quality car on a budget? When you want to find low mileage cars in Lynnwood that are in great shape and fit your budget, the experts at Carson Cars are ready to step in and help you find the right sedan, truck, or SUV for your everyday needs. With the advent of online shopping, it’s easier than ever to look for pre-owned vehicles. Here are just a few handy tips to make your auto shopping more convenient.

Research makes and models. If you’re unfamiliar with cars, that’s okay: you can look at reviews from other buyers and learn along the way. This information can help you narrow down what kind of car you want to drive. When looking through used vehicles, be sure to consider the age, condition, fuel efficiency, and mileage already on the vehicle. Think about your driving: do you often take long drives on the interstate, or do you spend most of your time driving on city streets or country roads?

When you’ve narrowed down your purchase decision to the car you want, always make sure to look at the prior history and maintenance reports on it. Has the vehicle you are looking for been listed as part of a product recall? Has it been in any auto accidents? Has it been a while since it’s had routine maintenance? These are just a few of the questions buyers should consider before nailing down a purchase.

If you’re prepared to purchase, have a list of questions ready for the sales team about the car of your choice. Be sure to research the average price of the kind of vehicle you want so you can negotiate and get a fair price. Some questions you may want to include: how did this dealership acquire the car? Has it has any repairs or maintenance done since it was received? If there’s an extended warranty, what does it cover?

If you’re ready to find a pre-owned vehicle and support local business while you’re at it, the experts at Carson Cars are prepared to provide you with options for low mileage cars in Lynnwood. We can also offer auto loans for buyers with any credit score, good or bad. For more information, come down to the dealership or give us a call today at (425) 697-6969. We’re more than happy to help you test-drive and find the perfect vehicle for your travel needs.

What You Need To Know About Military Auto Loans in Mountlake Terrace

What You Need To Know About Military Auto Loans in Mountlake Terrace

Our military deserves the best incentives that we can provide in exchange for their years of service to our country. Whether you’re gearing up for deployment, just returning from an overseas engagement, or retired from military service, we want to give back to the men and women who protect us every day. When you’re in search of military auto loans in Mountlake Terrace, Carson Cars is here to provide you with a fair rate.

Military loans almost always offer better incentives than conventional financing. When applying for an auto loan, credit history and scores are not particularly important. You can complete your military auto loan application in person or online, and fast approval is nearly automatically guaranteed because of the dependability of government employment.

Dealers often allow for smaller down payments and more flexible loan terms to suit your unique situation, whether you are active duty or retired from service. For even more convenient service with added incentives, local dealerships are the way to go, especially for those who have served in the military. Better still, going through a local business supports your community.

When you’re ready to choose your new car, truck, or SUV from a varied repertoire of high-quality used vehicles, drop by the Carson Cars dealership or check out the selection on our website. When you come to us, we are more than happy to go with you on a test drive and guide you through the specs on any of our available vehicles. If you are active or retired military personnel and would like more information about acquiring military auto loans in Mountlake Terrace, give us a call today at (425) 697-6969.

How to Compare Used Cars in Snohomish


How to Compare Used Cars in SnohomishIf you have been browsing used cars in Snohomish, you may have wondered how to compare the different choices so that you are not only getting the vehicle you want but has the features that are important to you. Various businesses offer comparison tools to help you in the decision-making process, but there are some easy tips you can follow that provide similar results.

How can I compare vehicles like used Mercedes cars for sale and Audis? Follow these suggestions:

  • Always look at the mileage. This affects the condition and price of the auto. Lower mileage is better.
  • Compare options between cars. Decide which options are essential to you and those you can live without.
  • Is there a warranty available? What type of warranty is it? An extended warranty is usually offered on certified pre-owned vehicles. The manufacturer’s warranty is the one that is still guaranteed by the maker. Be wary of an “as-is” warranty. There is no warranty on this type of car. Anything that may be wrong with it you will have to repair.
  • Get a second opinion. Bringing a friend with you to the dealership can give you another perspective of vehicles that interest you. They are not as invested in the decision and can offer some recommendations that you may not have considered.
  • Getting a third opinion from a mechanic is also a great idea. While you may have to pay a little for this service, it may be the best decision you can make. An experienced mechanic will tell you if there are any problems, severe or not.

Visit Carson Cars or contact us at (425) 697-6969 to learn about our current inventory of used cars in Snohomish. We can assist you in finding the vehicle you are looking for.

You Can Find Affordable Cars in Mill Creek


You Can Find Affordable Cars in Mill CreekWhile most individuals have at least a vague idea of the kind of used vehicle that would be best for them, there are some who have no fixed plans for the type of auto which would best suit them. However, there are thousands of affordable cars in Mill Creek, and there are indeed a few that will be appealing for almost everyone. The hard part is narrowing the search. Asking relatives, coworkers, and other friends for their opinions will probably yield a few votes for Toyotas or Hondas, as well as used trucks for sale.

What makes these brands so popular? Hondas and Toyotas are reliable and have scored well in J.D. Power and Consumer Reports studies. Even the vehicles with over 100k on the odometer have a lot more life left in them.

In the 1970s and 1980s, dependability ratings for these autos soared, so buyers made the transition from conventional domestic brands to these foreign but exceptional vehicles. Almost everyone is familiar with these brands, and current owners of these cars are often enthusiastic about how they perform and how long they last. Repeat buyers are widespread, which speaks for the product endurance and appeal.

Some people think Hondas and Toyotas are more costly than other autos. Although this may be the case in some instances, you can still find bargains at different dealerships. A little advance research can benefit all buyers.

For a large inventory of pre-owned vehicles including Honda, Toyotas, and numerous other affordable cars in Mill Creek, stop by or contact Carson Cars today at (855) 583-9356. We take pride in our reputation for commitment to excellence and honesty in all areas of the sales process.

How to Find Low Mileage Cars in Marysville

How to Find Low Mileage Cars in Marysville

If you are ready to start the hunt for pre-owned low mileage cars in Marysville, you need to realize that the process is more streamlined than it has ever been before. Actually, if you are interested in an SUV, high-profile truck, or a luxury car, buying used is an even better idea.

Follow these valuable tips when looking for used trucks, cars, minivans, or SUVs:

  1. Do a little online research about the makes and models that appeal to you. Also consider age, mileage, condition, and fuel economy.
  2. Since everyone has different transportation needs, factor this into your buying decision. Regular driving on the interstate is different from driving in the city or on county roads.
  3. Include pricing when you are evaluating vehicles that may meet your requirements. Having this information in hand can help you when conducting negotiations with the sales staff.
  4. Examine the vehicle history report on the vehicle you decide on to learn whether it has had routine maintenance, if it has been in a crash, or involved in a recall.
  5. Have a list of questions for the sales team – How did your dealership acquire the vehicle? Have any repairs been completed on it since you received it? Does it come with an extended warranty? If so, what precisely does that cover?

For excellent quality low mileage cars in Marysville in all makes and models, visit Carson Cars. We have a large inventory of pre-owned vehicles from which to choose and are pleased to offer auto loans with any credit history – good or bad. Contact us today at (855) 583-9356 to schedule a test drive or two. We can’t wait to meet your transportation needs.

What You Should Know about Car Loans in Everett Before You Buy

What You Should Know about Car Loans in Everett Before You Buy

In most situations, it takes some time to find the perfect used vehicle from the thousands available in your local vicinity alone. While this indeed is important, it is also vital to secure the best financing from the hundreds of choices for car loans in Everett. Whether you will be financing only a portion of the cost or the entire thing, quality matters.
Don’t delay thoughts about financing until you get to the dealership. Knowing exactly how much vehicle you can afford and having some ideas about auto loans can really help you get a great deal. Financing at the dealership is excellent, just have some competitor’s rates in hand so that you can negotiate a better contract.

Here’s what you should know about auto financing before shopping at the dealer:

• Be familiar with financing terms so that you really understand what they mean.
• Learn to recognize financing that meets your needs, rather than that of the dealer.
• The steps involved in applying for auto loans.
• How to compare the funding at different dealerships and outside lenders.
• What’s included in closing the deal.
• What happens after you sign for your loan.

With some advance preparation, you can not only find a great car among the Fords, Toyotas, Acuras and used Honda cars for sale, you can also get a loan with terms & budget that you can live with.

Stop by Carson Cars or contact us at (425) 697-6969 for information about what we offer regarding car loans in Everett and examine our extensive inventory that changes every day. We can’t wait to work with you!

Carson Cars Is Your Top Car Dealer In Lynnwood

Carson Cars Is Your Top Car Dealer In Lynnwood

Carson Cars is the right car dealer in Lynnwood for you if you want to buy a pre-owned vehicle. We are committed to giving our customers the most painless used auto purchasing experience in the area. We only put a vehicle on our lot after it has been inspected for reliability and safety. Our mission is to build a strong association with you that will last even longer than the lifetime of your car!

We offer a complimentary vehicle history report with every auto we sell so that you know the history of the car or truck you plan to buy. We realize that it is important to have the history of a car before you purchase it.

Our inventory includes a long list of manufacturers including GMC, Ford, Toyota, Dodge, and used Honda cars for sale. We have a variety of cars, trucks, and SUVs that all come with the special Carson Cars guarantee. If you don’t see what you want on our lot, you can browse our online inventory.

The Carson Cars team will also help you sell your current auto. You can trade it in or sell it on consignment. We have simple selling agreements, will get your vehicle into peak condition to sell and advertise it for you.

Don’t worry about financing. Discuss your situation – in private – with one of our loan specialists. We’ll assist you in pre-qualifying for an auto loan with the lowest available interest rate.

When you’re looking to buy a vehicle, stop in and see us at Carson Cars. We’re a top car dealer in Lynnwood! Contact us at (425) 697-6969 or visit the lot. We make the car-buying process easy!


Check Out These Used Car Tips Buying With Poor Credit In Mukilteo


Check Out These Used Car Tips Buying With Poor Credit In MukilteoThere is nothing quite like being able to upgrade your vehicle with a newer auto at a reasonable and affordable price. When you shop for a pre-owned vehicle, there is no reason to have reservations simply because your credit history has a few blips on it. Learn more here about used car tips buying with poor credit in Mukilteo and you will soon be on your way to driving away in a vehicle that exceeds all your car ownership prospects.

When you work with the financing pros at Carson Cars, you know that you will come away with a loan that will meet all of your financial expectations, no matter what kind of past credit problems you may have experienced. We understand that life can sometimes throw you some difficult situations that make it challenging to meet your financial obligations. Even if you have an unfavorable credit history, it should never deter you back from getting a loan on a quality vehicle.

Our business has been around for over 40 years and our reputation is built on happy customers irrespective of their credit score. You can even make your loan payments right at our dealership!  With premium customer service, incentives, financing options, and a large inventory, you can find Toyotas, Fords and used Kia cars for sale at any point in time. We are proud to maintain an ever-changing, large inventory for your convenience.

Look no further than Carson Cars for used car tips buying with poor credit in Mukilteo. Contact us today at (855) 583-9356 for additional information about vehicle options and to learn about our financing policies. Allow us to serve you!

Auto Loans in Lake Stevens for First-Time Buyers

Auto Loans in Lake Stevens for First-Time Buyers

It’s time – time to think about buying your first car. Most often it is better to look at used autos rather than new ones for your primary vehicle purchase. There are also some considerations to make before shopping. While it is likely that your credit history is a blank slate, and has no negatives on it, there are also no positives either. When you talk with a lender, they have no basis to decide whether you are a worthy credit risk or not. Some dealerships may consider this a problematic issue, but not all of them. There are first-time auto loans in Lake Stevens from dependable dealers who will extend financing to you for a reliable pre-owned vehicle that meets your needs for transportation.

If waiting for a little while is not a problem, starting and maintaining a favorable credit history with timely payments on a low limit credit card is a wise idea. Unfortunately, it may be necessary to obtain a vehicle as soon as possible.

Many dealerships who are happy to view your loan application also have a large selection of trustworthy vehicles from which to choose. Proof of insurance and residence, as well as income, will be required. Offering a significant down payment is also viewed favorably. Having a co-signer can almost always guarantee you will receive financing. Numerous dealers provide car financing with any credit.

Take some time to visit the extensive car lot at Carson Cars and talk with one of our well-informed sales associates. We will be glad to discuss your options for first-time auto loans in Lake Stevens and skillfully guide you through the process. Contact us today for more information at (855) 583-9356.

How to Find Affordable Cars in Mill Creek


How to Find Affordable Cars in Mill Creek

How much money you have available to buy a pre-owned vehicle determines whether it is “affordable” or not. Spending more than you have allotted is not a wise idea. In addition, just because you have saved a wad of cash doesn’t mean you have to use it all on your purchase. There are literally thousands of affordable cars in Mill Creek from which you can choose. Don’t just settle for the first one you find.

You may even consider making a substantial down payment on a vehicle and then financing the rest. Carson Cars is pleased to provide a varied selection of used vehicles with many options for auto loans with any credit rating.

When buying a used car, be sure to evaluate these factors:

  1. The make, model, age, mileage and condition of the auto.
  2. Your transportation needs.
  3. Budgetary concerns.
  4. Fuel economy.
  5. Routine maintenance costs like tires and rotation, oil changes, etc.
  6. Financing versus paying cash in full at purchase.
  7. Compare similar makes and models of differing brands. Different automakers manufacture the same basic car with widely varying costs depending on name recognition.
  8. Take at least one test drive, but preferably several, in the city, country roads and the interstate.
  9. Inspect, or have your favorite mechanic inspect, the car to see if there are any problems that are not immediately visible.
  10. Completely look over any vehicle you are considering – inside, outside, under the hood, the undercarriage and beneath tire wells.

At Carson Cars, we take pride in what we sell and the reliability of both our vehicles and our knowledgeable staff. Stop by to browse our constantly-changing inventory or contact us at (855) 583-9356 for any questions you may have about a specific auto or other affordable cars in Mill Creek.