Auto Financing in Seattle: Second Chance Auto Loans

Auto Financing in SeattleWith today’s unsteady economy, Seattle residents who have had financial difficulties often think they will not qualify for a used car loan. Second chance or poor credit auto loans are available at Carson Cars and will help to re-establish and build your credit.

Second chance car loans are offered by specific types of lenders who are capable of providing the needed funds to high risk borrowers. The terms are often negotiable and can sometimes be secured without a large down payment.

Individuals who have filed bankruptcy or have recently been through a divorce may need a second chance or high risk loan to re-establish and rebuild their credit score over time.

In most cases, a person must have a job, valid identification and a checking or savings account to qualify for a loan. Many financing companies will require a co-signer if the applicant has not held their job for a long period of time, or have too many expenses in comparison to income. Second chance loans give borrowers the leniency they need to regain their financial freedom.

For more information about Auto Financing in Seattle, contact Carson Cars at 425-697-6969 to speak to one of our finance experts today. Everyone is approved for an auto loan at Carson Cars regardless of credit history, contact us to find out how.