Before You Visit the Auto Dealer in Marysville

If you have already made the possibly difficult decision to purchase a pre-owned vehicle, there are quite a few factors to consider when selecting the best car at an auto dealer in Marysville.

Auto Dealer in Marysville

Before you even stop at the dealership, know the current value of your trade-in, if you will be utilizing this option. If you have a particular make and model in mind, research its value, as well.

When selecting the best auto for your particular needs, be sure to bring someone with you who can be objective. It also helps if he is knowledgeable about autos. Examine the following in the selection of Fords, Chevrolets and used Kia cars for sale:

  • Value – encompasses the year, mileage, model and condition.
  • Look over the vehicle on level ground.
  • Assess the paint for dents, rust and scratches.
  • Peer in the trunk.
  • Closely inspect the tires.
  • Ensure that the frame has no welds and that the exhaust system is intact.
  • Inspect the area under the hood and include all the belts (the timing belt, in particular), hoses and engine.
  • Take off the oil cap and make certain no foam is present underneath.
  • Pull out the transmission dipstick to check fluid level and condition.
  • In the interior of the car, check the physical condition of seats, roof and floor. Test the lights and other controls and look over the odometer.
  • Test drive and listen for unusual sounds. Brake in different conditions.

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