Carson Cars Lynnwood

Carson Cars has been specializing in ‘second chance’ auto financing since 1968, and we are VERY excited about our most recent updates to our ‘inhouse finance’ program.

We recently worked out a deal with the credit reporting bureaus, that now all of Carson Cars “in-house” accounts will report to our customer’s credit reports! This is a huge benefit for our customers, as this is THE BEST and QUICKEST way to improve a poor credit rating. This service is free to our customers, and will retro back 2 years of payment history.

Carson Cars also recently partnered with ASC warranty to offer full service contracts now available on ALL ‘in-house’ finance contracts. These warranties previously were unavailable to our second chance credit customers. Most are 2 year/24,000 mile service contracts, and offer ZERO deductable & FREE loaner car service!

And remember that Carson Cars is a CUDL (credit union direct lender) dealer, and can offer good credit customers rates as low as 5% APR!

We are ALWAYS looking to improve, and would love to hear from you… Please email any questions or comments to