Mike Carson here with some thoughts regarding car dealer financing…

I don’t know too many auto dealers that don’t offer some sort of financing. Most go through banks, credit unions, and finance companies. That is IF you qualify. (IF is the biggest word in the English language!) If you don’t qualify for ‘conventional’ financing, many dealers don’t have a way to help you.

Carson Cars will help you get an auto loan. Regardless of your credit situation, we have a plan custom fit for you. Carson’s has 40 years worth of bank, credit union and finance company relationship. Carson Cars also offers “in-house financing”. We are the bank.
Some dealerships will finance on a car they sell you, but never report your good credit history. At best you may be able to buy another ‘beater’ car from them in the future. That’s great if you only plan on buying at “Joe’s used cars” forever, but it doesn’t help you get into a better situation.

At Carson Cars we report our finance accounts to two of the largest Credit Bureau reporting agencies, Equifax and TransUnion. (They show the same as any other trade line from a bank or lender) The payments that you make to us will report to your credit bureau. This is by far the easiest and fastest way to rebuild a poor credit report. In my experience, just getting an auto loan trade line on your credit report will raise your credit score about 20-40 points. Pay that loan to under 1/2 the original loan amount? Add another 20-40 points. Pay it in full? Another 20-40 points. I have seen people increase their credit score by over 100 points in under 6 months just by financing a car with us!
Carson Cars offers several recurring payment programs. We can help ensure on time payments using your credit/debit card on file or we can help set up an monthly ACH payment. Whatever it takes, we want to help you make your payments and get the credit you deserve!
If you or someone you know needs help with securing an auto loan, please call me direct. I love to help!
Mike Carson – President
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