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Acura CL For Sale in Lynnwood Washington

Looking for an Acura CL For Sale Lynnwood? The Acura is a coupe that was from the family of Honda’s Acura Brand. The acura’s are built in the Honda’s plant that is located in Marysville, Ohio. This car is a perfect combination of style and luxury. One can feel the comfort and space at a single glance at it. The aero dynamic shape of Acura makes its drive even smoother and its road grip even more firm. The Two Door has a 5 speed along with 3.2L, V6 24V Multi Point Fuel Injection and Single overhead camshaft. The transmission is automatic. Acura CL is a 6 cylinder which makes its engine even more powerful that makes it a best choice even for hilly areas.

The Acura CL comes in many colors, so that one can buy in whatever the colors he wishes. The road tire grip is a plus when it comes to Acura series. This brand has the quality to put the safety above all the other elements. So one feels very secure while driving it. The steering wheel is soft and can be moved easily, and that is very good news for the learners as well. Among all the other great features this car offers, one of the most important is the SOHC makes it easier and less costly when it comes to repair.

With the price of cars hiking day by day this one is the best option to invest if you want style, comfort and affordability in a single package. And yes, instead of buying a new one and to invest on it with every coming day, why not try this Acura as it has already consumed the initial expenses and now one can sit back and enjoy. Finding an Acura CL for Sale in Lynnwood isn’t difficult when you come to Carson Cars. We offer a large selection of vehicles at affordable prices. Contact us at 425-697-6969.