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Acura Integra For Sale in Lynnwood Washington

This is one sporty and beautiful car.  If you are looking for smooth lines and easy driving then look no further than the Acura Integra For Sale Lynnwood available through Carson Cars.  You won’t even believe your eyes at the kind of condition that this specific car is in.  It has a seating of up to 4 full grown adults, with plenty of leg room for each one of them. It has 2 doors which swing wide so that everyone in the car is totally comfortable.  It comes with a sound system and great speakers which surround the passengers.  It gets between 24 and 31 MPG which means that you will also be saving money at the gas pump every time you want to fill up.

With power everything you will feel like you are in the lap of luxury every time you get into the car, Power windows, Power door locks really make people feel safe while they are in their car.  Installed airbags come standard and that means you and whomever that you drive with will be secure and safe.  The seat belts are super durable and the interior is plush with beautiful full lushness which you simply can’t get much of anymore.  Also, this car comes with a nice punch of power which can get you in and out of traffic or to your destination quickly and easily.  With 140 HP this car might not win in a drag race but it sure will allow you to get to where you need to go quickly and safely.

The inside is beautiful with clock and dash which has tons of storage space.  Not just in the dash but also in the deep door pockets that are offered on each of the doors.  The seats are super comfortable and have a center arm rest for comfortable long distance driving.  This car isn’t just good for quick city trips it’s comfortable on long cross country trips as well.  It has indications for low fuel, door ajar and even a check engine light so you can keep track of everything.  The Acura Integra For Sale Lynnwood is the perfect vehicle for you especially when you get it from Carson Cars. Contact us at 425-697-6969.