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Acura RSX for Sale in Lynnwood Washington

If your looking for an Lynnwood Acura RSX For Sale,  come to Carson Cars.  The models of Acura RSX type S is last upgraded in 2005-06, and now available with some excited functions. The K series engine gives an extra speed and durability to Acura RSX.

Acura RSX is a Japanese performance sports car. The RSX is the abbreviation of Rally Sports car experimental. Its original name is Honda Integra DC5. It is product of renowned Honda Company. The features of the cars make them divided into 3 categories Base, Premium and Type S. Base and “Type-S” models are available in North America whereas Type R is available in Japan.

Honda used the K-series engine in all Acura RSX series which proved that K-series is better than the B-series engine in many ways like intelligent VTEC, which automatically regulates valve lift, duration and timing. The whole series of Acura RSX’s replaced belts with timing chains to reduce required maintenance.

The base RSX gets the K20A3 engine which can generate 160 hp (120 kW) is 5-speed manual transmission and the Type-S has an output of 210 hp (160 kW) produced by the K20Z1 engine which is a 6-speed manual transmission. The RSX Type-S was modified with some new features like camshafts, b-pipe and muffler, 4.7 final drive ratios, crankshaft pulley and the intake snorkel duct, in 2005. It usually offers the mileage of around 60,000 miles to 115,000 miles. 2005-2006 Type-S has the engine features like 4 cylinders, 1998 cc displacement, 210 hp (157 kW) maximum powers, and 5800 rpm of i-VTEC Engagement

Acura is the winner of the Manufacturers’ Championship of the SCCA World Challenge Touring Car class in 2006 and many others as thus becomes the first choice of racing community. The K20 motor has the potentialities of tuning and durability when facing the extreme conditions. The range of price starts with around $12,000 to $25000 in case of the used car Acura RSX type S. Acura RSX For Sale Lynnwood through Carson Cars offers the base and “Type-S” models in some exotic colors which can attract anyone.