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Affordable Cars in Lake Stevens Include SUVs

affordable cars in Lake StevensThe first SUVs were evident as early as the 1920s. As the years have passed, increasing knowledge, technology and efficiency have made the SUV a consideration for many drivers. It can save you a great deal of money, as well, when buying pre-owned rather than new. Used SUVs are some of the most affordable cars in Lake Stevens.

While the Chevy Suburban remains the most popular model SUV, manufacturers of virtually every brand have created their own version that has increased competition and offered even more benefits to buyers.

There are at least 7 distinct benefits to contemplating the purchase of a pre-owned SUV:

  1. There is more seating room in an SUV than in a car. Up to 9 passengers can be seated comfortably in some sport utility vehicles, making them quite practical for larger families, carpoolers and more. The sporty look is usually preferred over that of a van.
  2. Rather than using all the extra interior room for passengers, 3rd row seating can typically be folded down to accommodate cargo and a great deal of storage space. The advantage over a truck is that weather is not a consideration.
  3. Many SUVs are capable of towing other vehicles like boats or campers.
  4. An SUV weighs more than a car, which provides excellent handling capabilities. Improvements are made every year for reducing rollover concerns.
  5. The elevated height of SUVs allows it to be driven over some objects that may be in the road and to perform well in off-road conditions.
  6. There are many different fuel efficient SUVs in today’s market. This includes many used Kia cars for sale.
  7. The extra horsepower in an SUV is a welcome option for off-road and rural situations.

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