Audi S4 for Sale in Lynnwood Washington

Searching for an Audi S4 For Sale in Lynnwood? The Audi S4 is a high-performance version of the A4, a compact executive car.  Currently in its fifth generation, the S4 has been in production since 1991.  Audi S4s both old and new have always delivered on the utmost highest performance and luxury standards.

Audi S4 has seen various body styles over the year.  Used S4 models can be found along these lines, though the latest S4is only available as a sedan.  Those interested in a convertible or wagon will have to look for older Audi S4 cars, as it has now been replaced by the S5 Cabriolet.  As a general statement, there have been a wide range of body styles that will suit the many used car shoppers looking for a high-performance car.

Engine options can be found in impressive variance as well. Today, a 3.0-liter V6 supercharged engine that has 333 horsepower is found, while the third-generation S4 had a 340-hp V8 at 4.2 liters.  Second-generation models featured a twin-turbo V6 at 250 horsepower, while first-generation models had 227-hp turbocharged five-cylinder engines.  Particularly noteworthy was the third-generation – that V8 beat both the Mercedes C32 and the BMW contemporary M3.

High-quality interior has always been associated with the Audi S4.  Today’s S4 features very comfortable front seats, which combine well with navigation systems, high-quality sound systems, and other impressive items you expect with the luxury S4.  Audi’s Drive Selective adaptive vehicle settings, xenon headlights, and keyless/ignition entry can be found on the latest S4.

The cabin on the latest S4 is incredibly classy.  With typical Audi German styling, car buyers in search of a new or used car will be particularly drawn to the comfort found inside.  Of course, combined with the impressive handling, power, and other perks of the S4, car shoppers can expect an all-around positive experience with this model from S4.

Increased acceleration, braking, and handling can be expected on the S4.  This is due to hardware modifications that the S4 features, perfectly blending luxury and performance.

Overall, the Audi S4 deserves a place in the luxury sports car section of vehicles.  A compact executive car, new and used S4 cars occupy a unique tandem of refined luxury and impressive performance for a distinctive experience. Contact Carson Cars at (425) 697-6969 to get list of our current inventory of Audi S4 For Sale Lynnwood.