Bad Credit Auto Loans in Lynnwood

Finding bad credit auto loans in Lynnwood can be incredibly stressful; as well as complicated. The average dealership wants potential customers to jump through a variety of intricately placed hoops before they will even begin to discuss actual numbers for sale if the customer has bad credit. At Carson Cars however, we do things a little differently. Our main goal is customer satisfaction, and we constantly strive for excellence within our field.

Bad Credit Auto Loans in Lynnwood

We offer financing and auto loans on all of our vehicle selection; which includes cars, trucks and SUVs. We also guarantee that if we cannot offer financing to a customer; for any reason whatsoever; we will pay them a sum of $500. We are able to make this promise to our community because are so confident that we can find a loan or financing plan that works for each and every customer that visits us.

Carson Cars is a local family owned and operated business that has been serving this area for more than 40 years now. We are proud of what our family has accomplished, and we want to share the benefits with our community. Carson Cars has received recognition for being the best independent auto repair shop in the area for four years in a row; in addition to having recently received the 2015 Consumer Satisfaction Award. We take our reputation for excellence very seriously, and so do the many satisfied customers that we have served over the years.

Our team is dedicated to providing all of our customers with the highest quality of service possible. We can help you find the best bad credit auto loans in Lynnwood, so give us a call here at Carson Cars to discuss it with one of our professional team members; at (855)583-9356.