Buy Here Pay Here Car Dealer in Everett

When you buy a vehicle from a buy here pay here car dealer in Everett, you save lots of time and money, too. Carson Cars offers convenience that you just won’t find at a typical Washington car dealership. Buy here, pay here, get your car serviced, all at one convenient location.

Buy Here Pay Here Car Dealer in Everett

When you buy here, you pay your car loan here. You can have your car serviced here, too. We have a busy six-bay repair and service facility with a team of skilled mechanics who are always ready to do what it takes to ensure the reliability of your ride. We do tire changes and rotations, oil changes, brake jobs and other maintenance and repair services.

Why buy a car at one place, take it for servicing at another, and pay your monthly loan payments at yet another place? Carson Cars saw a need for an all-in-one dealership, and we filled it. We’ve been helping drivers get into cars -and affordable car loans- since 1968. Over the decades, we have certainly earned our brilliant reputation.

Another thing we offer is in-house financing. We make loans when other lenders hesitate. The way we see it, everyone needs a car. We offer a range of loan options, and one is sure to be just right for you. We’ve got loans for good credit, loans for bad credit and loans for active duty military.

Ask your friends, family members and neighbors where they go when they need a car. Chances are, they will recommend Carson Cars buy here pay here car dealer in Everett. When you’re ready to take a test drive, give us a call at (855)583-9356. We make car deals every day of the week but Sunday.