Carson Cars in Lynnwood, Mike Carson in Hawaii!

Thanks to our family of loyal customers, Carson Cars is doing GREAT!! We are having the best start to a new year EVER!
I hope that this is a sign that everyone is finally getting over this so called financial slump! (and NOT due to the fact that I’m on vacation in Hawaii!?!)
All the team is doing an awesome job while my family and I are enjoying beautiful Waikiki.

If you’ve never been, you really owe it to yourself to checkout Waikiki, Hawaii.  It’s so nice, with its pure sandy beaches, perfect 80+ degree temps, and ALL the ‘fun stuff’ to do.

I think Tracy, Max & I have never been so busy! We’ve been to the beach & the pool (Max LOVES the water!). We spent a day at the Polynesian Cultural Center- attended a luau, took a canoe ride (see pic), learned to open & ‘milk’ a coconut, and watched an AWESOME show with full-on fire dancers.
We are going to tour Pearl Harbor today.

We are having a great time, and 10 days have just flown by… back to work on Saturday.

See you at Carson Cars!

I was at : 234 Beach Walk, Honolulu, HI 96815,