Carson Cars Offers Finance Options for EVERYONE!

At Carson Cars, we help with financing on almost every vehicle we sell. From very good credit to no credit to bad credit, we have finance options for EVERYONE!
Good credit customers can recieve interest rates as low as 4.9% APR! We are a CUDL dealer. CUDL is short for Credit Union Direct Lender. That just means that we have over 40 Credit Unions online, competing for your business. We can really offer some sweet deals! 🙂
No credit & first time buyers can also benefit from our banking relationships. We have several finance programs specifically for those just starting out in the credit world.


We know that there are LOTS of reasons that people have credit problems.  Your credit is not always a reflection of who you are, or what kind of person you are. Loss of employment, medical emergencies, divorce, or just plain dumb decisions can all contribute to a “less than perfect” credit score. 

At Carson Cars, we don’t hold your credit past against you. We have a finance option for EVERYONE and GUARANTEED 100% auto credit approval. Everybody gets a second chance at Carson Cars.

Now with that said… Sometimes you have to “crawl before you can walk”.  A down payment of $500.00 is probably not going to get a credit challenged customer into a $10,000.00 vehicle. BUT, $500.00 down WILL get you into your choice of any number of QUALITY, SAFETY CHECKED, and ATTRACTIVE vehicles that we have for around $3995.  A good rule of thumb is about 25% down payment is required. (but not always!) Your job, rental history, and additional security can be just as important as a downpayment. (but cash always talks loud:) )

With Carson Cars in-house finance program you are on the road to rebuilding your credit problems. We report to the credit bureaus for you (just like the bank!), and THAT is the quickest and easiest way to improve you credit. Credit is kind of like “What have you done for me lately?” Sometimes the most recent credit actions (good or bad) are the most important. We see ALOT of people who have YEARS of great credit, but then due to a one time problem, their credit becomes “un-financable”. We don’t think that is fair!

Once you have a good, paid auto loan on your credit, you have SO MANY MORE OPTIONS! Not just with buying another car from Carson Cars, but with EVERYONE! Credit cards, rental applications, auto loans, home loans, etc… They all look at the most recent credit history as they most important.

At Carson Cars, we make it easy to start the process. Simply go to https://www.carsoncars.net/ and click on the finance tab. Complete the application, and a team member will contact you. We REALLY do have 100% finance approval track record. WE GIVE YOU OPTIONS!

So, no matter where your credit currently is, Carson Cars has a program to fit YOU!