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Carson Cars Offers Vehicle Consignment Services

Rated as 2011’s Best Independent Car Dealer, Carson Cars offers convenient Lynnwood Auto Consignment Services. It’s not always that simple to sell your car, especially in a stagnant market, but with our help it just got a whole lot easier.  We are the professionals when it comes to selling cars; let our team of experts get your car sold so that you have cash in your hands.

Many car dealerships offer similar services but they want upfront money to put your car on their lot, at Carson Cars that’s not how we do business—enjoy no up front costs when you bring your car in for consignment. We understand that you need money; you don’t want to spend it! That’s not the only deal we offer, if your car needs repairs or services you won’t get trapped paying high mechanic fees— paying no more than factory cost on all performed services will save you a great deal of money.

In order to ensure you are satisfied with the final sales price, we work hard to reach a pre-agreement as close to your ideal number as reasonably possible. Every day flocks of costumers come to Carson Cars and will be exposed to your vehicle, but that’s not all—in fact, we also actively market all cars on consignment for optimum promotion and quick sales. You can sit back and relax while your car is shown, maintained, and sold! You will be at ease knowing our lots are monitored at all hours of the day, keeping your vehicle safe and secure, just as if it were in your own garage.

 You don’t have to pay a dime up front to have your car consigned by the experts, our team of trusted professionals will get the job done free of any upfront costs.  Don’t settle for a low-ball offer when we can get the most out of your auto. If you are looking to sell your vehicle but can’t seem to find any buyers, or just don’t want to deal with the hassle, enjoy the best in Lynnwood Auto Consignment Services  at Carson Cars. Contact us at 425-697-6969 or by clicking here.