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Chevrolet Express for Sale in Lynnwood, WA

Chevrolet Express image 6_26_2013

The Chevrolet Express for Sale in Lynnwood, WA from Carson Cars

The Chevrolet Express for sale in Lynnwood, WA from Carson Cars is an all purpose cargo van designed for providing maximum efficiency and performance. Chevrolet truly understands what cargo drivers require, and has created a cargo van that is not only capable of providing maximum performance and efficiency, but has come up with a van that is capable of getting all your work done with maximum fuel efficiency, while still maintaining top of the line performance. Chevrolet has included a number of different performance enhancers within the vehicle, in order to maximize the driving experience.

The Chevrolet Express comes equipped with a number of different amenities on the inside. For instance, there are pass through rear seats, power windows as well as rear passenger air conditioning. The company also offers the option of having a touch screen navigation system. With cargo capacity of around 9,600 lbs, you can be sure of never running out of space! Most importantly, the Chevrolet Express cargo van is strong and powerful, and the reinforced chassis is easily capable of taking decent impact, so you can be sure that your investment isn’t going down the drain.

When it comes to power, the Chevy Express has a lot to offer. The car comes with a standard Vortec 4.3 L V6 engine with a 20 MPG highway estimate, but you can also opt for a more powerful V8 engine. If that isn’t up to your standards, you can opt for the 6.6 L Duramax Diesel V8 engine, which provides you with unmatched power and performance. The 6 speed Hydra Matic Automatic Transmission is very responsive and provides very comfortable driving with smooth shifts. The Chevrolet Express for sale in Lynnwood, WA from Carson Cars is a very sweet ride.