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Choose an Independent Car Dealer in Lake Stevens

Car Dealer in Lake Stevens

When you need a car, preferably pre-owned, you have options as to where it can be purchased. This includes buying from an individual, a franchise or a looking for a used vehicle, you can buy from an individual, from a franchise or a private car dealer in Lake Stevens. The risk factor is higher when purchasing from a stranger. A franchise dealer often does have more new autos but there is not a great deal of variety and you must typically have a high credit rating to qualify for financing. An independent dealer offers several benefits. They are easily recognized because the name of the dealership often includes the owner’s or family name and do not include a particular brand.

An independent dealer is a dependable choice because:

  1. They have an extensive and varied inventory.
  2. There is a price range for every credit rating.
  3. Used car warranties are available for some models.
  4. Financing may be completed in-house.
  5. Handiness of being a buy here pay here auto dealer.
  6. Community support.

Doing some online research can give comparisons of independent dealers and franchises near you. You will almost always have a better experience at a family-owned local car dealer in Lake Stevens. Carson Cars has successfully served customers in the area for almost 50 years and our excellent reputation speaks for itself. Phone (855)583-9356 to ask about a specific model and opportunities for financing for your credit score. We look forward to working with you to find a car that meets your transportation requirements.