Choose an Independent Car Dealer in Lynnwood

Car Dealer in Lynnwood

For repairs on your vehicle or if you are looking to buy a used auto, you may be confused about whether you should work with a franchise dealership or an independent car dealer in Lynnwood. There are important differences in these 2 types of dealers of which you should be aware before making a car-buying decision.

An independent or private dealer often has less overhead than a franchise does and is able to provide better deals on their autos for sale and on typical maintenance services and repair. You can usually find better personal service and more effort to satisfy customers with these dealerships. It is also likely that you can talk directly to a mechanic about vehicle concerns and get a reliable response about questions you may have about a car purchase. Non-franchise dealers are not normally supposed to perform warranty services, but this should not be a reason for dismissing them. Contact the dealership itself to know for sure what they can and cannot do.

Locally-owned independent dealers frequently have a larger inventory of makes and models of all types and can offer lower prices, too. Getting a vehicle history report on cars that interest you is an important part of your buying decision, as well. Financing options can be more widespread than at a franchise, including auto financing with no credit or a poor credit history.

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