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Franchise vs. Independent Car Dealer in Lynnwood

Franchise vs. Independent Car Dealer in Lynnwood

Whether you are looking to buy a pre-owned vehicle or need some repair work completed on one you have already purchased, there may be some confusion about the independent versus franchise car dealer in Lynnwood. Let’s explore the differences.

A private or independent dealership typically has less overhead than a franchise and, therefore, can offer better deals on vehicles for sale and on routine maintenance costs and repairs. More personalized service and increased efforts toward customer satisfaction are the usual with a private dealer. You can often talk right to the mechanic himself about repairs and costs and get a straight answer about issues that may be present with a potential auto purchase.

Non-franchise dealers are not generally able to perform warranty work but this is not necessarily a deterrent to using them. Do your research ahead of time to know for certain.

A local independent dealership will often have a larger selection of vehicle makes and models than a franchise and be able to give you better prices, as well. Just be sure to acquire a copy of a vehicle history report on any car that interests you. Used Jeeps for sale will likely be less expensive at a self-sufficient dealer than at a Jeep dealership.

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