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More for Your Money by Buying a Used Car


Buying a Used Car in Shoreline, WashingtonIf you are in the market for a new car in or around the Shoreline area and your budget is modest, a used car will give you what you want and more without the high cost of buying a new vehicle. Working with the experts at Carson Cars and doing your homework, will ensure that you find the perfect vehicle that you will love to drive and that fits within your budget.

One of the first things to check when you have selected the car of your dreams is the Car Fax Report. This report will show all previous car maintenance records and any accident reports that the vehicle may have had in the past.  Aside from Car Fax, also make sure that the brakes and tires are functioning properly, have little wear, and do not need to be replaced immediately. When you test drive the car, feel the brakes out to make sure they are not squishy or that the pedal does not go all the way to the floor. When you are inspecting the tires, you should look to make sure that they are not too worn and that all four tires are similar in the amount of wear that they have.

Also look under the vehicle before and after your test drive where the car has been parked to check for any puddles or stains.  Any puddles could mean leaks or more series problems will arise in the future with the engine.

All our vehicles at Carson Cars have been meticulously serviced and inspected by our expert technicians to ensure that your next car is reliable and the best value for your budget. When you are searching for used cars in Washington, contact the Carson Cars team today at 425-697-6969 to find out more about our current inventory, specials, and how to get the most for your money when purchasing your next vehicle.