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How to Test Drive Low Mileage Cars in Everett

Low Mileage Cars in Everett

Locating one of the thousands of low mileage cars in Everett is the easy part of buying a used vehicle. You must also closely examine the auto and take it for at least one (preferably more) test drive. Here are some test-driving tips to consider before you make a final decision:

  • Be open to a variety of makes and models rather than focusing on your “dream” car.
  • Set a yardstick and compare a few vehicles against it to narrow your decision.
  • Inspect the auto closely prior to the test drive. Evaluate the interior controls, seating, paint, tires, undercarriage and all components under the hood. Even better, have an independent mechanic look it over for you.
  • Make note of any issues that you find and discuss them with the dealer.
  • Don’t feel the pressure to take only a brief test drive. Get a good feel for how the auto handles in a variety of road conditions and situations.
  • Have the same test-driving routine for every vehicle you test-drive. This helps you to be more objective.
  • After listening to the sound system, turn it off while you drive to be able to listen for unusual noises.
  • Get an additional opinion about the vehicle from a trusted friend.

Be sure to ask the dealership about their financing policies. If you qualify, inquire about auto financing with no credit.

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