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Best Jaguar Cars For Sale in Lynnwood, Washington

Car buyers looking for a Jaguar For Sale in Lynnwood, should come to Carson Cars. It began making consumer automobiles in 1948 – the Mark V was a luxury sedan and the XK 120 was its first sports car. The name meant it could accelerate to 120 kilometers per hour. Over the next two decades the Mark line and the XK line introduced new models – eventually reaching the Mark VIII and XK-150. The 150 was faster but not as pretty as its predecessors.  In the 1960s a newly designed car was introduced by Jaguar, the E series. It was an immensely popular car that was known in the US as the XKE. This model solidified Jaguar’s reputation for style and performance.

IN the 1970s Jaguar began to stumble and though it introduced the fastest production sports car in the world the XJ 1220. However reliability and quality control were becoming issues for Jaguar and ultimately its salvation came in 1990 when Ford Motor Company bought the entire Jaguar operation.  Despite Ford’s attempt to revive the line its own financial problems finally caused it to sell Jaguar to Tata motors in India along with Land Rover in 2008. The two brands were already sharing engines.  Under the new management, new models have been introduced that are reminiscent of the Jaguar of old – luxury and performance. Sales have improved and the line seems headed for a deserved resurgence.

People interested in buying a used Jaguar For Sale in Lynnwood contact Carson Cars at 425-697-6969 or Toll-free 1-888-47-DRIVE. Carson Cars always has some wonderful pre-owned Jaguars on the lot. Like all Carson Cars they must pass a 111 point inspection performed by Carson Cars’ ASE certified auto technician. When you buy from Carson Cars you always get a guarantee with your car. Carson Cars has a large network of lenders and no matter what your credit is like we will work with you to get you financed. Call today: 425-697-6969 or Toll-free 1-888-47-DRIVE or click here for a secure private online credit application.