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Affordable Mazdas For Sale in Lynnwood, Washington

At Carson Cars, we offer our customers top notch service and a large selection of Mazda’s For Sale In Lynnwood. The Mazda corporation is an automobile producer based out of Japan. It offers affordable, performance vehicles. Mazda was founded in 1920 in the city of Hiroshima. It began as the Toyo Cork Kogyo Company and did not produce the first Mazda automobile until the 60s.

In 1960 Mazda introduced the R360 coupe. The next year the company developed an alliance with NSU and Wankel and developed the first engine based on a rotary system. Mazda was the first automobile producer to provide three different types of engines. The B-Series 1500 pickup and the 110S Cosmo Sport were also developed in the 60s.

The Mazda corporation began to export its vehicles to America in the 70s. The RX-2 was the first export model. It provided a fun driving feel and was reasonably priced. The RX-3, the RX-4 and the RX-7 were rolled out in the later years of the 70s. Before the beginning of the 80s, the company found itself in financial difficulty and decided to sell twenty-five percent of to the Ford Motor Company.

The introduction of the popular 323 and the 626 led to an improvement in sales throughout the 1980s. The MX-5 Miata debuted in 1990 and was also a hit, offering car buyers a responsive and affordable car. It is still a renowned roadster to car enthusiasts.

The Mazda company created the winner of the 1990 Lemans race with the creation of the 787B. This achievement was the first for the Japanese automobile manufacturing market. The RX-7 and the MX-5 Miata maintained their popularity and sales throughout the 90s.

Mazda continues to develop innovative technology and designs for its automobiles. The present lineup includes the Mazda3, the RX-8, the Mazdaspeed and the CX-9. The Mazda3 is available with two body styles, a sedan and a hatchback. Both styles have two trim choices and offer full power components, remote entry, air conditioning, steel wheels and full power components. The RX-8 comes with three trim options. Standard equipment include memory functions, speed control, leather upholstery, remote entry, heated seats, navigation technology, Bluetooth interface and a Bose audio system. The Mazdaspeed gets a trip computer, Bluetooth connectivity, a trip computer, a CD player, remote entry, twin region air control, and a Bose sound system. The CX-9 comes with three trims and is equipped with remote entry, alloy wheels, a trip computer, twin region climate control, full power components, a CD player, Bluetooth interface, a six speaker sound system.

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