Pre-Owned Dodge Cars For Sale In Bothell

Taking on the task of trying to find a newer vehicle in the Bothell area may be difficult if you are not quite sure of where you should look. Carson Cars is well known for its selection of quality pre-owned Dodge cars for sale in Bothell, as well as a wealth of other worthy models that you can choose from. It is simply a matter of making your way to the dealership so that you can se what is available.

If you are leery about working with a used car dealership, there is really nothing to the myth that you will be taken for a ride. The only ride that you will be taking with Carson Cars is the test drive for the model(s) that you are interested in purchasing. Our friendly sales team will be able to walk you through each of the options on the lot that fall in line with the specifications that you are looking for. Whether you want a sporty Dodge Avenger, a stylish Dodge minivan with plenty of room for family, or you want to get something that is going to be great on gas for a commute to work, we have what you need.

Carson Cars takes great pride in not only being in business for nearly half a century, but also offering an award winning customer service team to work with all of our customers. As a matter of fact, we have a long line of happy clients that like to come back to us time and again when they need to upgrade their vehicle or add one to what they already own.

Have you been searching for great Dodge Avenger used cars for sale? Call Carson Cars today at (855)583-9356 for pre-owned Dodge cars for sale in Bothell.