Rely on a Reputable Dealer for Dependable Vehicles and Auto Financing in Seattle

auto financing in Seattle

If you plan to look for a used car in the near future and will also be considering auto financing in Seattle, it pays to be wary of unscrupulous dealers and the possibility for seeing some flood-damaged vehicles imported from Texas and Florida in the wake of hurricanes Harvey and Irma. Even though our area is far from the devastation that occurred in the southern US, scammers look to unload more than 1 million vehicles affected by the severe weather and hope to send them across the country to sell to unsuspecting buyers.

The affected vehicles, including used Honda cars for sale, are typically disguised in some way to hide the damage inflicted by rain, flooding, salt water and falling debris. The key is to buy from a reliable dealership and to get a copy of the vehicle history report. Also, a careful inspection of the car can reveal much about its past. Look for water lines, discoloration, rust and corrosion, electrical issues, a moldy or musty smell, dampness, mud or anything you deem suspicious. Having a mechanic of your choice complete an inspection can really ease your mind.

You can avoid scams relating to flood-damaged autos by:

  • Completing a title check via the National Motor Vehicle Title Information System to determine if it has a recent title from a flooded area of the US. Note that this information may take up to a month or longer to appear on consumer reporting sites.
  • Purchasing from a licensed motor vehicle dealership.
  • Knowing that dealers are permitted to sell water-damaged vehicles if they supply a full disclosure indicating the problems incurred.

You can trust Carson Cars to give you the necessary vehicle history information on all cars that we sell and to offer options for auto financing in Seattle. Give us a call at (855)583-9356.