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Saab For Sale In Lynnwood Washington

Founded in Sweden, the Saab brand began as the Svenka Aircraft Company. Saab launched its first cars in the 40s. The designs were well like for their aerodynamic lines.

In the 50s the Saab 92 and the 93 were introduced. The Saab 93 offered an innovative exterior and a three cylinder engine. At the end of the 1950s the 95 wagon and the 93 750 Gran Turismo were built.

Saab brought out the 96 in the 60s. This model led to an increase in worldwide popularity for the company. The sport coupe came out around the same time, achieving a strong reputation in the racing world. The coupe was renamed as the Monte Carlo 850 due to its racing success. By the end of the 60s the 99 and the Sonett II were also being built. They were designed with a plastic and fiberglass frame.

The 99 Combi Coupe debuted in the early 70s. It offered a folding rear seat and a hatchback body. The 99 Turbo and the 900 came out soon after. The Turbo offered car buyers its turbo technology and the 900 had an interior air filtration system.

By the 80s the Saab name had developed its popularity with the American car buyers. Saab then launched the 900 Turbo, Turbo Aero and the convertible, as well as the 9000. The 9000 was available as a sedan and a hatchback, and the Turbo Aero came equipped with a 16 valve turbo engine.

General Motors bought fifty percent of the the Saab brand in 1990. After the purchase the 900 was reworked to offer more safety components. By the end of the 90s the 9000 was replaced with the 9-5 which had whiplash reduction head restraints as well as ventilated seating.

General Motors owned one hundred percent of the Saab name by the turn of the millennium. Financial problems within GM forced the company to sell the Saab division.

The most current model produced under the Saab brand is the 9-3 Griffin. It has a choice of a wagon or sedan body style. The standard components on 9-3 Griffin include a manual six speed transmission, an inline 4 engine, a front wheel drive system, Bluetooth interface, satellite radio, a trip computer, a CD player, a seven speaker audio system, a cooling container, power adjustable seats, full power equipment, leather upholstery, remote entry, a tilting and telescopic steering wheel with sound and speed controls, twin region air management, and cabin air filtration.

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