Small Business Choices: Own or Lease

used cars for sale in Everett Small businesses looking to utilize a company fleet of vehicles will frequently be told that leasing is seemingly the fastest and cheapest way to build a company vehicle fleet.

The small business can have a number of cars just for the cost of renting them, enjoying a scalable fleet advantage. Unfortunately, what doesn’t get disclosed upfront and instead is buried in the details, involves the driving limitations, lease profits, and penalties if the car rented is even remotely treated different than the original lease agreement. For a full fleet of vehicles, leasing can become expensive quickly for any business.

Instead, building a starting fleet with used car ownership may mean a smaller fleet at first, but the small business owns the vehicles outright and doesn’t have to worry about limitations or penalties later down the line. If there’s an accident, there are no issues or headaches with having to explain the matter to a leasing company. On a tax basis the cost of the vehicles can be depreciated as well over five to ten years, depending the applicable tax rules. So there are a number of indirect benefits for small businesses as well with ownership.

Small businesses will often be tempted to go with what seems like the lowest cost alternative up front, which leasing would appear to be. However, in the long run, car ownership may very well be the more practical path.

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