Tracy and I are headed to Spokane for the biggest auto auction of the year (yes, Spokane! ).  DAA auction is having their annual Rock n Roll sale, this year featuring Joan Jet. Its always a good time anytime you get a couple thousand car guys together for a party… WATCH OUT SPOKANE!  I am excited to get some adult time with Tracy…Max is staying with some friends.  We are staying at the Red Lion which is always nice.

DAA spends close to $500,000 every year on this party & show. As you can imagine, they draw dealers and vehicles from all over the country. There will be over 6000 vehicles offered up!  This sale offers some of the nicest vehicles, and we always bring home a truckload or two. 

Carson Cars has been rocking (sold 104 last month), so it will be great to get that much more inventory! 

I am previewing hundreds of cars every day…its what i do. If you are looking for that special vehicle,  please call me for help. I am happy to locate the exact car or truck you want.

Thanks, and ROCK ON!!!