Use a VHR to Find the Best Used Cars in Everett

Best Used Cars in Everett

If you have found the perfect model among the thousands of used cars in Everett to purchase, it is very important to obtain a copy of the vehicle history report to learn more about the car. From DMV records, police reports, insurance companies and repair records, this report outlines information about the auto’s past.

You have a few options available to search for records about multiple and one owner cars for sale. The dealer may be able to pull a VHR or you can do it online. Sometimes they are free and sometimes it will cost you as much as $150. Two popular sources are Carfax and AutoCheck.

Know that while a VHR can and will provide valuable information about your car choice, it should be only one factor in deciding to purchase a particular vehicle. There is the possibility that the report may make the car look “clean” when there may actually be extensive damage to it from a crash. This doesn’t happen often but is possible.

You can find the following information on a VHR:

  • Previous owners and their locations and how the car was used (personal or commercial).
  • Title data, including whether it is still owned by another lender or if it has a salvage or branded title.
  • Mileage report.
  • Some service records.

You can acquire a lot of info about your potential purchase from a vehicle history report. No matter which of the used cars in Everett that interest you, make the most informed decision. Stop by or call Carson Cars at (855)583-9356 for an excellent selection of pre-owned vehicles and financing for every budget.