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Used Cars in Snohomish for the Win!

used cars in Snohomish

While you may have your heart set on buying a new car, you can expect to spend at least $35k as opposed to a pre-owned model at $20k or less, according to 2015 studies by KBB and JD. Power. Make the smart choice to purchase from the thousands of used cars in Snohomish.

There are 5 very good reasons to buy used rather than new:

  1. You will save a great deal of money. Depreciation is considerably less for used Honda cars for sale even though you will likely not have that heavenly new car smell. Costs for insurance, taxes and registration are less than for a new model.
  2. Vehicles manufactured in the last couple of decades last longer than their counterparts of years past. This means a long vehicle life and years of reliability.
  3. There are often autos available that were previous leases and, as a requirement for lease is that it is returned in excellent condition, you can find a great car in this way.
  4. Since a vehicle history report is easily obtained on any auto, you can have some knowledge that you are getting what you pay for. Be aware, however, that not every single aspect of vehicle condition is typically listed in the report.
  5. While financing for used cars usually is accompanied by a higher interest rate, you can still get a low APR if you complete some research prior to vehicle shopping.
  6. A pre-owned premium vehicle is much more affordable than a new model of the same car. You can also get additional options that may be prohibitive when buying new because of the cost.

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