What to think of the current banking situation…

Do you ever wonder what’s up with the banks?

 They only want to loan you money when you DON’T need it. Didn’t we (the tax payers) just bail their butts out? Where is the surge of loans & other activity?
I was flat out told but my banker, “We know the interest rates are going up… why would we loan money at these artifically LOW RATES today, when we know they are going up?!?”
That sucks! There are LOTS of people and businesses trying to move forward, but with no ability to get capital or loans.

It’s really changed our business model at Carson Cars. I am proud to say that Carson Cars is the NUMBER ONE buy-here/pay-here auto dealer in Washington state! Almost half of our business are “in-house” finance accounts. Most are people who just needed a second chance.

Please feel free to call Carson Cars at 425-697-6969(office) or you can always call me direct at 206-769-3848 (cell) if you would like more information on any of our finance programs…