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Why buy a used car?

used cars in LynnwoodThere are quite a few advantages to purchasing a used car as opposed to a shinier and newer model. Carson Cars, a family business in operation since 1968, can supply you with just the right pre-owned vehicle to meet all of your requirements. Contact us today to look at our huge selection of used cars in Lynnwood and allow us to assist you with your purchase.

One big plus for buying a used vehicle is the reduced cost. Used cars are significantly less expensive than new ones. Another benefit is that new vehicles depreciate immediately upon leaving the car lot – a whopping 30% loss in value in the first two years alone. Registration fees and insurance are also much less expensive than new models and you get more vehicle for your money buying used.

Purchasing a certified pre-owned car has distinct advantages, as well. These autos often are later models, have lower mileage, a driving history that includes no major damage, have been completely and thoroughly inspected and come with a warranty. These vehicles are on the pricier end of the used car spectrum but well worth the extra expense since you know exactly what you are getting.

Call the used car professionals at Carson Cars today at (855) 583-9356 to discuss your vehicle options. We will locate just the right car for you and provide financing if you need it. Stop by to browse the large number of choices at our car lot for yourself. We are proud to offer used cars in Lynnwood.