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Buy Your Vehicle from Our Inventory of Used Cars in SeattleDon’t put off buying a car anymore! At Carson Cars, we’ve got the most attractive deals on used cars in Seattle just for you. We would love to talk with you about your budget and driving needs. Contact us to get started on your new car search today!

Beginners’ Guide to Buying a Used Car

You probably did your research and prepared a list of things you need to do before buying a used car. But what should you do after you’ve purchased a used car?

Below are a few steps you’d like to put down on your to-do list:

Transfer of Title

After buying a used car, the first thing to do is get the title transferred. Make sure the dealership takes care of it.


Get your car inspected. It is crucial to understand the vehicle you’ve bought. Get a trusted mechanic to check all its parts and components and ensure they’re all functioning well.


Getting insurance on a used car might have skipped your mind. But it’s the most crucial step. Do some research to stay ahead of the market prices, premiums, and benefits.


There’s a list of documents required to get your car registered. Make sure you have all the documents. Then you’re free to go and get your vehicle registered.

Maintenance and Repairs

Ask the dealership for a maintenance schedule and stay on top of all the services. Your used car will remain in optimum shape with proper care and maintenance for a long time.

Why Choose Carson Cars?

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Carson Cars offers all the support mentioned above and more. Our team makes sure you’re aware of every document and registration detail as well as the maintenance schedule. Visit us today to look at our inventory of used cars in Seattle. Or call us at (425) 697-6969.