Car Financing with Poor Credit

 bad credit auto loans in LynnwoodPurchasing a used car, or a new one for that matter, requires a number of decisions before you drive home in your new-to-you vehicle. Apart from the type of vehicle you want, its age and condition and price, you must determine the best way in which to pay for it. For much of the population, cash is not an option. However, if you have no credit history or poor credit, not all dealerships will provide financing. Carson Cars, however, does offer bad credit auto loans in Everett.

A variety of factors may cause your credit score to dip to a lower than acceptable number. Late credit card payments (or none at all), bankruptcy, foreclosure, excessive debt, job loss, mounting medical bills and unpaid bills can drop the number dramatically. Sometimes, not garnering any credit can also reduce your score.

Carson Cars understands that sometimes an unfortunate mistake can be costly. That is why we have been pleased to provide car financing with poor credit since opening our dealership in 1968.

We guarantee credit approval and offer a warranty with every vehicle we sell.

Stop by our lot to view our large inventory of pre-owned cars, trucks and SUVs. Our professional sales staff will be happy to discuss not only your auto requirements, but how we can help you buy a used car in spite of a bad credit report.

Call Carson Cars today at (855) 583-9356 for questions about our affordable bad credit auto loans in Everett and to learn more about your options for a used car purchase.