Don’t Be Intimidated at a Car Dealer in Mukilteo

Car Dealer in Mukilteo

It can be easy to feel intimidated when visiting a used car dealer in Mukilteo, since it is not a situation most people experience many times in life. Acquiring a good deal on a pre-owned auto can actually be a fun and exciting process if you do a little prep work in advance. After your homework, ask the dealer these questions:

  • Whether a car is certified or not, it should have been inspected by a mechanic before being put out on the lot. Ask to see a copy of the inspection report.
  • Inquire about maintenance records and view them.
  • How extensive can my test drive be? Can I take the car for multiple test drives in different conditions?
  • May I examine the vehicle history report?
  • What type of return policy do you have?
  • If I pay in cash, is there a discount?
  • What incentives do you offer (free oil change, car wash, new tires, timing belt, etc.)?
  • What services have been performed on the vehicle while at your dealership?
  • Do you accept trade-ins?
  • Do you specialize in specific vehicles, like used Mercedes cars for sale, or do you have multiple makes and models available?
  • Is a warranty offered?
  • What kind of financing do you offer? Are your interest rates competitive with other lenders?

Carson Cars is proud to be a premium local car dealer in Mukilteo with an excellent record of service and sales in the western Washington area. We would be happy to answer all your questions and give you a tour of our extensive inventory. Give us a call at (855)583-9356 or stop by for a visit. Allow our sales professionals the opportunity to demonstrate our superior vehicle knowledge and expertise.