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First Time Auto Loans in Lynnwood / Snohomish County

The saying goes that there is a first time for everything. That includes buying a car, whether new or used. There are numerous first time auto loans in Lynnwood / Snohomish County available to purchase a pre-owned vehicle.

Those in the market for an auto for the first time likely have no credit history, positive or negative. In the view of some lenders, this is detrimental. However, auto dealerships are usually pleased to offer financing to this type of buyer.

Buying a pre-owned vehicle makes smart financial sense in that you are acquiring the transportation you require at a fraction of the cost of new and you are establishing a favorable credit history with timely monthly payments. Your primary focus should be to evaluate your budget. Taking into account all expenditures and your income, your monthly car payment ideally must not exceed 20% of your budget.

Shopping at the dealer for a vehicle is next on your list. Decide the kind of vehicle and then the make, model and year that interest you. Research online reviews and a fair price from a site like and take these into consideration.

After selecting the car, discuss financing in detail with a sales professional. Ask questions and do not be pressured into buying extended warranties, as they are often not necessary.

For an excellent selection of pre-owned vehicles and viable options for first time auto loans in Lynnwood / Snohomish County, call the team at Carson Cars at (855)583-9356. We look forward to meeting your auto and financing requirements.