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Meet Our Team

Carson Cars Sales Team

Mike Carson
PresidentPhone: 425-697-6969Cell: 206-769-3848Fax: 425-675-3390
Mike@CarsonCars.net Serving Pacific NW for over 35 years! www.MikeCarson.com
Scott Sefrit
Finance ManagerPhone: 425-697-6969Cell: 425-512-7265Fax: 425-745-1255
Scott@CarsonCars.net Over 26 years experience.
Over 5 years at Carson Cars.
Robert Stokes
Sales ManagerPhone: 425-697-6969Cell: 425-248-8680Fax: 425-745-1255
Robert@CarsonCars.net Se Habla Espanol.
Over 8 years experience.
David Gonzalez
Senior Sales ProfessionalPhone: 425-697-6969Cell: 425-954-2047Fax: 425-745-1255
David@CarsonCars.net Over 18 years experience.
Over 10 years with Carson Cars!
Se Habla Espanol.
Zach Elliot
Sales ProfessionalPhone: 425-697-6969Cell: 425-309-2417Fax: 425-745-1255
Zach@CarsonCars.net The "New Guy"! Be nice to him!!!
Garett Newman
Sales ProfessionalPhone: 425-697-6969Cell: 206-719-3702Fax: 425-745-1255
Garett@CarsonCars.net In the automotive industry for over 10 years.
Neena Sefrit
Sales ProfessionalPhone: 425-697-6969Cell: 425-512-5386Fax: 425-745-1255
Neena@CarsonCars.net Friendly and ready to help!
Dorion Rowe
Sales ProfessionalPhone: 425-697-6969Cell: 425-426-7984
Dorion@CarsonCars.net Helping people with their automotive needs!
Fernando Varela
Sales Phone: 425-697-6969 ext 133 Cell: 425-344-7071 Fax: 425-745-1255
Fernando@CarsonCars.net Se Habla Espanol
Felix Hernandez
Sales Phone: 425-697-6969 ext 133 Cell: 425-918-0503 Fax: 425-745-1255
Felix@CarsonCars.net Se Habla Espanol
Scotty Cyr
Sales Phone: 425-697-6969 Fax: 425-745-1255
ScottyC@CarsonCars.net Over 20 years in automotive sales
John Rodacker
Sales Cell: 206-650-4422 Fax: 425-745-1255
John@CarsonCars.net Over 30 years in the automotive industry

Administration Team

Chris Loberg
Office ManagerPhone: 425-697-6969Cell: 206-234-4122Fax: 425-745-1255
ChrisLoberg@CarsonCars.net The NEW guy! (be nice!)
Evelyn Rodriguez
Customer Account ManagerPhone: 425-697-6969Cell: 425-361-4449Fax: 425-776-3034
Se Habla Espanol.
Over 10 years experience.
Jessica Velasquez
Office AdminPhone: 425-697-6969 ext 115Cell:: 425-263-0559Fax: 425-745-1255
Se Habla Espanol
Helping those that need a helpin'!
Terri Saltis
Title Clerk/Office Admin Phone: 425-697-6969 ext. 119 Fax: 425-745-1255

Service Team

Mario Rodriguez
Service ManagerPhone: 425-745-2299Cell: 206-371-0117Fax: 425-745-2290Mario@CarsonCars.net
Se Habla Espanol.
Over 20 years in the automotive industry.
Sean Drayson
Serving the NW automotive industry for over 22 years.
Charlene Warnock
Office Admin Phone: 425-745-2299 Fax: 425-745-2290
Admin@CarsonCars.net Over 2 years with Carson Cars!
Ed Pope
Master TechnicianPhone: 425-745-2299Fax: 425-745-2290AutoRepair@CarsonCars.net
Over 20 years in the automotive repair industry.
Fidel “VATO” Chavez
Se Habla Espanol.
Over 10 years experience at Carson Cars!
Rene “Angel” Rosales
Service TechnicianPhone: 425-745-2299Fax: 425-745-2299
Se Habla Espanol
Over 10 years in the automotive industry.

Inventory Team

Isidro Chavez
Inventory ManagerPhone: 425-697-6969Cell: 425-750-0219 Fax: 425-745-1255
Se Habla Espanol.
Over 19 years with Carson Cars! YES! He's the MAN!!
Kris Patrick
Lot Porter Phone: 425-697-6969Cell: 253-740-4742Fax: 425-745-1255
Nose to the grindstone!
Complaint DepartmentPhone: 425-786-1219Fax: 425-745-2299