Tips to Choosing the Right Auto Dealer in Bothell

Buying a newer car or truck might seem like a chore, but once you have your sights set on a specific model, there is no turning back. Finding the right auto dealer in Bothell is just as important as the type of car you plan to purchase. Ultimately you are looking for the best price on your next vehicle, and there are a few smarts steps you can take that will help you to pick the right dealership while getting the lowest price. 

Look at the Location

Although you might consider picking an out-of-state dealership for the possibility of a lower price, it will be an inconvenience in a lot of ways. Specifically, because if you choose to finance, you may need to make direct payments to that dealership. If you ever need to go make a payment in person, this could be a significant problem. This also corresponds to having maintenance done. If you pick an auto dealer that is far, you may not only waste your time but also spend unnecessary money on gas or tolls.

Look at Their Inventory

Picking a good auto dealer means that they will have information regarding their stock on their website. This should make it easier for you to shop at home, and go in after you have been able to do your own research.

When searching through their inventory, always look at a variety of vehicles. Even if you think you want a specific car, you might see other models that have everything you want. Buying a car that has all of the features and technology you need will ensure you have an excellent driving experience can also help you save a lot of money!

Read Reviews

Most people wouldn’t go to a restaurant before reading a review, and you definitely shouldn’t go to a dealership without reading reviews. Find out how the dealership treats their customers, and if there is any negative feedback. Try to read both positive and negative reviews, but also remember that nothing is perfect. Do not let one ‘off’ review deter you, but also take it into consideration if they have overwhelmingly more bad reviews than good. 

If you are hoping to buy a newer vehicle and are having trouble finding a great auto dealer in Bothell, come into Carson Cars. Either give us a call at (425) 697-6969 or come down to the dealership.