Bad Credit Auto Loans in Everett / Snohomish County

What happens if your vehicle dies but your credit is less than appealing? You have to have reliable transportation to your place of employment and other familial obligations. You do have options. There are bad credit auto loans in Everett / Snohomish County that are available for individuals with a poor credit score and an unfortunate credit history.

Bad Credit Auto Loans in Everett / Snohomish County

Before beginning a search for a pre-owned auto, do your homework. Acquire a copy of your credit report and credit score. This gives you an idea of what you have to work with and what kind of interest rate you can expect. Then, narrow your car search to 2 or 3 specific makes and models. Look them up online on NADA or Edmunds to understand particular quirks each may have. Read customer reviews, as well. If you have your heart set on a certain car and it gets terrible reviews, this may be a sign that you should consider a different model.

Now you are ready to head to the dealership. Seek the advice of the sales professionals on the lot. Take a test drive on city roads and on the highway. Allow a certified mechanic to inspect the vehicle. After you reach a decision on the car, it is then time to discuss financing.

Carefully determine your down payment, the term of the loan, be aware of any “hidden” charges or penalties. Sign a written contract before leaving the dealer and drive away with your “new to you” car.

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