Carson Cars wishes everyone a Merry Christmas!

During the holiday season, sometimes the most important things can get overlooked. With the rush to get all the shopping done, find that perfect gift, an unforgiving timeline of friends, family and functions SOMETIMES we forget…

We all live in the best country in the world… at the best time to be alive (ever!)…. we have daily miracles in our lives in technology, medical breakthroughs, and have unprecedented access to almost unlimited knowledge and information…

Believe me. We are too blessed to be stressed.

Having my son, Max D, in my life has reopened my eyes in many ways. The love of family and friends is the best gift we could all hope for. All the rest of the stuff is just that…stuff. Really doesn’t mean that much in the end (or even next year!)

I hope that everyone can step back and re-focus what is really important the Christmas. Share yourself with your friends and co-workers. Open yourself up to your family and neighbors. Think about what Christmas is REALLY about… giving more from yourself than you expect to get in return.

Merry Christmas! and have a prosperous New Year!!

Love Mike Carson everyone at Carson Cars.