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Chevrolet Suburban for Sale in Lynnwood, WA

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The Chevrolet Suburban for Sale in Lynnwood, WA from Carson Cars

The Chevrolet Suburban for sale in Lynnwood, WA from Carson Cars is the standard vehicle designed for American families. With a stunning array of technological enhancements including the latest model of the Chevy Suburban, not to mention the powerful engine and the spacious interior, this SUV is the primary choice for people who have large families and are looking for a vehicle that not only provides them with a smooth, comfortable drive, but also keeps them entertained along the way. The Chevy Suburban is not only affordable and economical in terms of its driving experience, but the extensive history of the vehicle has proven that it is definitely one of the best SUVs in the market today.

Chevrolet has long been renowned as being one of the best car manufacturers in the market, and with the Suburban’s latest model, the company has improved upon everything that the car is known for. The Chevy Suburban is powered by a 5.3 L Vortec V8 engine, which is capable of producing up to 320 HP and 335 lb.-ft of torque. This type of power generally compromises on fuel economy, but that is not the case. The Chevy Suburban is fitted with Active Fuel Management Technology, which automatically shuts down four cylinders when not in use.

The Chevrolet Suburban includes a three zone climate control system, as well as interior heated and cooled passenger seats. Moreover, there is a Bose Centrepoint Audio system installed within the car, as well as a Sirius XM Satellite Radio. Controlling all that is the Chevrolet My Link technology, that provides you with Blue Tooth technology to connect your devices as well. The Chevrolet Suburban for sale in Lynnwood, WA from Carson Cars is definitely the very best from Chevrolet.