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Ford Focus for Sale in Lynnwood WA

Ford Focus image 8_13_2013

Ford Focus for Sale in Lynnwood WA from Carson Cars

The Ford Focus for sale in Lynnwood WA from Carson Cars is not only beautiful and stylish, but it is also designed to get work done. The car is available in a number of different models and body styles, such as a sedan, hatchback and coupe. The car makes use of latest technologies both within the engine as well as the interior to provide top of the line performance and unmatchable quality, making it one of the finest vehicles in Ford’s line by a mile. With a very affordable starting price as well, you’ll be hard pressed to find a vehicle that is better suited to your daily driving needs.

The Ford Focus is powered by a 2.0 L twin independent variable cam timing I 4 engine, which is capable of providing top of the line fuel efficiency and a great performance altogether. The car also includes Ford’s Power Shift 6 speed automatic transmission, which gives smooth, responsive shifts. More importantly, the Ford Focus comes with Safety Canopy System from Ford as well as side curtain airbags. The car also includes Advance Trac electronic stability control system from Ford, that makes your car very stable even during sharp turns and keeps it steady.

The Ford Focus is also available in a fully electric model, which comes fitted with a 107 kW electric motor as well as a 23 kW lithium ion cooled battery. The My Ford mobile app is also available for smart phone users, which allows you to track the whereabouts as well as performance of your vehicle. With the option of a top of the line audio system from Sony, the Ford Focus for sale in Lynnwood WA from Carson Cars has everything that you could want from one of Ford’s finest.