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Ford Ranger for sale in Lynnwood WA

2005 Ford Ranger

Ford Ranger for sale in Lynnwood WA from Carson Cars

The Ford Ranger for sale in Lynnwood WA from Carson Cars is one of the most popular pickup trucks that has been discontinued in 2012 in favor of the new pick up models introduced by Ford, such as the Ford F 150, etc. However, regardless of its discontinuation, the Ford Ranger is still regarded as one of the finest pickup trucks and for those who are looking to purchase the model, Carson Cars is offering a variety of different options. The car was in production for over 29 years before it was discontinued, making it one of the longest running pickup trucks within Ford’s line; a testament to its popularity and success.

The Ford Ranger is powered by a 2.5 L Duratec I 4 engine, while you can also opt for a more powerful 3.2 L Duratorq I 5 diesel engine. The Ranger also comes with roll stability control installed within, that provides maximum control while driving. More importantly, the Ford Ranger is also available in three different transmissions: the 5 speed manual, the 6 speed manual as well as the 6 speed automatic. As is obvious with large pickup trucks, the truck also comes with a Tow Haul Mode installed.

The Ford Ranger includes power windows, a dual zone climate control system as well as a satellite navigation and cruise control system. There is a rear park assist system installed as well. More importantly, there are side curtain airbags installed as well, while an 80 liter fuel tank means you will be able to go a long way on a full tank. There is an emergency brake assist system, Bluetooth audio streaming as well as a range of different facilities. The Ford Ranger for sale in Lynnwood WA from Carson Cars is definitely worth the price!