Infiniti Cars for Sale in Lynnwood, Washington

Honda spawned Acura, Toyota created Lexus and then Nissan created Infiniti to compete with both of them.
In 1990 Nissan Motors of Japan introduced the first Infiniti brand cars to the United States. They started with only two models, the M30 coupe and convertible and the Q45 sedan. Soon after they offered the entry-level compact G20 model for sale in the US.
These cars were Nissan’s beginning in the burgeoning luxury car market. As the decade continued the Q45 attracted a solid customer base that was impressed cars standard 278-hp V8 engine that was a class leader. Infiniti also led the class in technology with such things as an active suspension system. More cars were added to the line-up such as the SUV based on the Nissan Pathfinder. This SUV was built on a truck chassis giving it an advantage over other premium SUVs that were built on car platforms; off-road performance was unmatched due to its height.
Sales of the Infiniti grew steadily and more models were introduced. In the 2000s Infiniti introduced the, mid-size G35 in 2003 that was an instant hit.
Then using the same platform used by the Nissan legendary 350Z, Infiniti introduced the G35 coupe and sedan – instant successes! Soon after came the FX35/FX45, a SUV crossover with superior acceleration and sport-car like handling with the functionality of a station wagon. Consumers love them.
The Infiniti marque is not very old, but it denotes luxury and performance and is a sought after car.

    Infiniti Cars for Sale in Lynnwood, Washington

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