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Best Valued Lincoln Cars For Sale In Lynnwood

Looking for a Lincoln For Sale in Lynnwood? The Lincoln automotive brand has had a long reputation of producing quality, premium vehicles. Its cars, trucks and SUVs offer stylish designs, luxurious features and powerful engines. The brand was established in 1917 by Henry Leland. His first creations were the K and the L series. Lincoln soon experienced financial difficulties and Leland decided sell the company to Ford.

The creation of the Zephyr and the Cadillac model helped the Lincoln brand to develop a strong holding in the premium automobile market in the 1930s. Both automobiles came with a sharp exterior, and a plush interior. Lincoln introduced the Continental at the end of the decade.

After the second World War, Lincoln rolled out he Mark II. Not long after, the Mark III was available. It was a huge success and Lincoln sold more than a million of its Mark III automobiles. In the 1970s the Mark IV and the Versailles were developed. The Mark IV was a success but the Versailles was not and was later taken out of production.

In the 1980s the Lincoln brand created at the Town Car. The brand also developed the technology need for antilock braking systems. A smaller Mark series model came out as the Mark VI. A few years later the Mark VII was available. It had an available turbodiesel engine.

Lincoln developed the Mark VIII over the next decade. It provided a V8 engine and an air suspension. The Navigator was unveiled as a response to the hype of the SUV. It came with an abundance of luxury components, chrome detailing and leather seating.

The Lincoln vehicles available today include the MKX, the MKZ, the MKS and the LS. The MKX SUV has park sensory, heating and cooled seats, remote start and entry, satellite radio, twin region climate control, and MyKey technology. The MKZ can be purchased with a standard or hybrid system. It gets keypad entry, speed control, rear park sensory, leather upholstery, ventilated and heated seats, satellite radio, and Sync technology. The MKS comes equipped with alloy wheels, blind spot notification, heated mirrors, leather upholstery, speed control, park sensory, Sync technology and touch command display. The LS sedan come with either a V6 or a V8 engine. It offers fog lamps, ABS technology, twin region climate control, and a choice of either an automatic or manual transmission.

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