Times are tough, but Carson Cars is here to help!

Lets face it, things are tough out there.

Although the economy seems to be bouncing back, its sure feels like its taking ALONG time to get back! I talk with alot of different people, and the general consensus is that things ARE getting better… its just a matter of time.



For the rest of the month of November, Carson Cars is running 2 different ‘economy helper’SPECIALS!

1. Carson Cars will ‘match your down-payment’ on your next purchase! This is like getting FREE money! No catch, just mention that you saw it on the Blog PRIOR to purchase & we will match up to $500.00 of your money! Can you use some FREE MONEY?!?!

2. AND, just in case YOU are not currently in the market for a vehicle… Carson Cars is offering a $200.00 CASH referral bonus for anyone that you send in and makes a purchase! No Limits!
This is a GREAT way to make some extra holiday cash! (and help out your friends)

We simply love our customers & want to help them in this economy…