Used Car Sales Are UP at Carson Cars!!

Used Car Sales Are UP at Carson Cars!!

I’m glad to say that Carson Cars has averaged over 100 sales for the last 3 months running! It’s been awhile since that has happened, as business was off as much as 30%! I hope this is a trend that continues through the winter months (typically our slower time for auto sales).

I’m optimistic from a lot of things I’m seeing… People are coming in with bigger down payment & seem to be freeing up their purse-strings a little.
Our lenders & banks have definitely loosened back up again. They are making auto loans “like the old days” and we are able to help more people get the right loan for them. Our “In-House financing for Out-House Credit” finance program is also in full swing. WE approve the loans, since WE own the finance company! Carson Cars won’t let someone leave without giving them a way to get a new car!

I’m also seeing a lot more vehicles being traded in at the dealership. I think this is due to several reasons including fear of selling on their own (Craig’s List murders), value of their time, and the fact that trade allowances are WAY UP! Used cars are getting harder to get, now that the new car market has shrunk almost 30%. Those used car trades are becoming the best part of the car deal…we love trades at Carson Cars!

I think another reason for the increase in business is the fact that there are just a lot fewer dealerships around! I know a lot of dealers that just got out of the business when things got tough. This is a good thing for customers because the dealerships that have survived are the “good ones” and will help stabilize the market by offering a higher level of customer service.

I know times are still tough, but I’m glad that our business & our customer base seems to be getting back to pre-recession levels…