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Value of Low Mileage Cars

low mileage cars in MarysvillePurchasing a used vehicle can be seemingly a daunting task. There are so many makes and models from which to choose and numerous factors to consider, including: gas mileage, appearance, age of the vehicle, damage history, recalls, price, operational problems, and availability of financing, to name a few.

Carson Cars has been providing a wide selection of quality low mileage cars in Marysville since 1968.

Although potential buyers often look closely at how many miles are on a car’s odometer, there is no actual “standard” for what is considered a low mileage vehicle. In addition, low mileage should not be the only aspect in a buying decision. Much depends on the car’s age and the fact that the average car is driven 12-15K miles per year.

Some cars are driven much more and some, less. In theory, a low mileage vehicle should have many years of driving left on it. In practice, that is not always the case. Many experienced car dealers use the following guide when contemplating “low mileage:”

Multiply 12-15 (average mileage per year) by the age of the car (8 years, 10 years, etc.). If the product is less than what the odometer reads, it is believed to be a low mileage vehicle.

The professionals at Carson Cars have years of expertise in selling used vehicles and are well-equipped to answer your questions and offer guidance in your purchasing decision. Call us today at (855) 583-9356 to discuss the vast number of choices on our lot of low mileage cars in Marysville. We look forward to helping you find just the right car to meet your needs.