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No Lemons and Great Auto Financing in Edmonds

When buying a used car, particularly from an individual, it can be difficult sometimes to tell if you are getting a good deal or a vehicle that will run for only a couple of weeks or so. In addition, private sellers who offer auto financing in Edmonds are extremely rare.

No Lemons and Great Auto Financing in Edmonds

To avoid purchasing a lemon from the tremendous number of pre-owned autos and used jeeps for sale, follow the 7 guidelines listed here:

  1. Buy a used car only from an established auto dealer with a good reputation.
  2. After selecting the vehicle you want to purchase, get a copy of the CarFax report using its VIN (vehicle identification number).
  3. Accept a title only if it is from Washington state to avoid potential ownership conflicts.
  4. Also use the VIN to check the auto’s service record to become aware of either quality or poor maintenance and components that may have been replaced.
  5. Look over the vehicle carefully to determine if there has been major body work or new paint in a particular area. Neither is a positive sign.
  6. Obvious signs of water damage include visible mildew in the floorboard or trunk or a persistent mildew odor.
  7. Look at the brake pedal under the dashboard. Excessive wear may indicate that there is more mileage on the odometer than what is actually showing.

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