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The Benefits of Buying Low Mileage Cars in Bellevue

The Benefits of Buying Low Mileage Cars in BellevueIf you are in the market for a car, then you might have been told to look for low mileage cars in Bellevue. Whether the vehicle is somewhat new or just new to you, there are definitely benefits to purchasing a car with low miles. Typically cars with fewer than 30,000 miles can offer a few specific advantages to those that have been around a bit longer.

These benefits might be so compelling that you may think about buying brand-new. Despite this, purchasing a used or pre-owned vehicle can be a much more economical choice. Here are some different reasons for purchasing low mileage cars versus those with a bit more turns of their wheels:

Fit Your Budget

You may have heard the old saying that the second you drive a new car off the lot it depreciates. This is true, and when looking for low mileage cars, you may be able to find a vehicle that more easily fits your budget. 

Even cars that have barely been used are often priced extremely low compared to their new counterparts. This means that buying a car with lower mileage (but not new), can save you huge amounts of money.

Like-New Quality

When buying a used or pre-owned vehicle it can be challenging because you never know how someone treated the vehicle or what type of situation it has been stored in. When you purchase a car with fewer miles there is less guessing because the quality is closer than to that of a newer car.

Wait to Pay Maintenance Costs

Typically your vehicle needs to be serviced at 30,000, 60,000, and 90,000 or 100,000 miles. If you buy a vehicle that is far before one of those marks, then you can avoid upfront maintenance costs directly after purchase. 

Take a Look at Our Options

At Carson Cars, we offer a variety of low mileage cars in Bellevue. Contact us at 425-697-6969, explore our low-mileage models on our website, or come down to the dealership today!

How to Obtain Car Loans That Won’t Ruin Your Finances In Lake Stevens

How to Obtain Car Loans That Won’t Ruin Your Finances In Lake StevensAlthough buying a car is exciting, there can be times when obtaining car loans in Lake Stevens is not. Especially because with a car loan, you will need to pay interest as well; and while you own it, the asset will depreciate. Expensive car payments can also add to stresses in your life, putting a heavy financial burden on you.

Despite the downsides of obtaining a car loan, most people will still get one because of one reason: they need a car! If you think you cannot afford to purchase a car with cash and are looking to obtain a loan, there are a few things you can keep in mind to avoid ruining your finances.

Obtain Financing Before

A common misconception is that financing at the dealership will not get the best deal. Dealers often have special promotional funding as well as working relationships with a long list of lending institutions. You can also apply for your financing through the dealership in advance to determine how much you qualify for.

Borrow the Minimum

Plain and simple, if you are a bit worried about making monthly payments, then you should re-evaluate whether or not you should be purchasing a pricier vehicle. If you can put down a larger down payment, do it.

Be Smart

Driving a safe and reliable car is vital, but it does not mean you need to spend more than you can afford. For any help with car loans in Lake Stevens, or general information, contact our office at Carson Cars at (425) 697-6969 and we can go over your lending questions or concerns.

Tips to Choosing the Right Auto Dealer in Bothell

Buying a newer car or truck might seem like a chore, but once you have your sights set on a specific model, there is no turning back. Finding the right auto dealer in Bothell is just as important as the type of car you plan to purchase. Ultimately you are looking for the best price on your next vehicle, and there are a few smarts steps you can take that will help you to pick the right dealership while getting the lowest price. 

Look at the Location

Although you might consider picking an out-of-state dealership for the possibility of a lower price, it will be an inconvenience in a lot of ways. Specifically, because if you choose to finance, you may need to make direct payments to that dealership. If you ever need to go make a payment in person, this could be a significant problem. This also corresponds to having maintenance done. If you pick an auto dealer that is far, you may not only waste your time but also spend unnecessary money on gas or tolls.

Look at Their Inventory

Picking a good auto dealer means that they will have information regarding their stock on their website. This should make it easier for you to shop at home, and go in after you have been able to do your own research.

When searching through their inventory, always look at a variety of vehicles. Even if you think you want a specific car, you might see other models that have everything you want. Buying a car that has all of the features and technology you need will ensure you have an excellent driving experience can also help you save a lot of money!

Read Reviews

Most people wouldn’t go to a restaurant before reading a review, and you definitely shouldn’t go to a dealership without reading reviews. Find out how the dealership treats their customers, and if there is any negative feedback. Try to read both positive and negative reviews, but also remember that nothing is perfect. Do not let one ‘off’ review deter you, but also take it into consideration if they have overwhelmingly more bad reviews than good. 

If you are hoping to buy a newer vehicle and are having trouble finding a great auto dealer in Bothell, come into Carson Cars. Either give us a call at (425) 697-6969 or come down to the dealership. 

Looking for Used Car Buying Tips With Poor Credit in Mill Creek?

Looking for Used Car Buying Tips With Poor Credit in Mill Creek?Credit history affects a lot of aspects of our society, and unfortunately, those with poor credit are often turned away when attempting to purchase a used car. If this has ever happened to you, then you might be able to understand how frustrating this can be. Keep these used car buying tips with poor credit in Mill Creek in mind next time you head to the dealer:

Avoid New Credit That Could Impact Your Score

In order to avoid making your credit any worse than it already is, pay all of your accounts on time. Don’t take on any other credit obligations, including opening new credit cards.

Check Current Interest Rates

The latest average auto loan rates are typically available online. This will allow you to better understand the rate that can be expected. If you had good credit, you might expect to qualify for a rate at or below average. Unfortunately, with bad credit, you will almost always have to pay a higher interest rate. Despite this, avoid any loan rate more than double the average.

Make A Sizable Down Payment

The best tip out of all used car buying tips with poor credit is to make a bigger downpayment. This is because poor credit will limit the size of the car loan that you will qualify for. By offering a bigger downpayment, you can reduce your interest rate, taxes, and fees.

Know What You Can Afford

It might be tempting to reach for a higher car payment to get a nicer car, but it is important to avoid this. This might put you into another situation where you cannot pay for your loan, and you will lower your credit even more.

Consider Carson Cars when you are putting your used car buying tips with poor credit  Mill Creek to good use. Our team is here to help the process go smoothly, and assist you whenever needed. Contact us today at (425) 697-6969.

We Can Help You Locate Low Mileage Cars in Lynnwood

If you’re planning on buying a used car, one of the primary elements to consider is the vehicle’s mileage. Car with high mileage can pose several problems for future owners – they may end up costing more than you think. So, if you’re looking for low mileage cars in Lynnwood, what should you keep in mind?

While low mileage cars offer indisputable benefits, there are also other factors to consider. Mileage is relative to the number of years that the vehicle has been driven. For example, a car that has been driven 50,000 miles in one year may pose more issues than a car that has been driven 70,000 miles over six years.

As a rule of thumb, a low mileage car is a vehicle that accumulates less than 12,000 miles per year of ownership. If a car has low mileage, this means that it hasn’t been strenuously used in the past. Still, it’s also critical to consider ownership history and a host of other factors when you’re purchasing a low mileage car – make sure you can access a full-service history for the vehicle.

Either way, if you want to reduce your chances of experiencing a catastrophic engine failure, buying a low mileage car is much more preferable. Many car dealers offer low mileage cars with extended warranties – you just need to know where to look. It’s always important to assess the extra benefits a dealer is willing to offer if you purchase a used car through their dealership.

At Carson Cars, we offer our clients low mileage cars in Lynnwood. If you’re looking for a local dealer that prioritizes quality vehicles, contact us! If you’d like to discuss our current inventory of cars, or you think it’s time for a test drive, feel free to call us at (425) 697-6969.

Do You Need Used Car Buying Tips with Poor Credit in Snohomish?

Do You Need Used Car Buying Tips with Poor Credit in Snohomish?

If you’re planning on buying a car in the future, but you have a poor credit score, you might be worried you won’t be approved for a loan. While many lenders will avoid borrowers with poor credit scores, this doesn’t mean there’s nothing you can do. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at some used car buying tips with poor credit in Snohomish.

If you’re going to apply for an auto loan with a bad credit score, it’s still important to look at your report before you apply. If there are any mistakes on your report, fixing them before you proceed can help you raise your credit score. Additionally, paying down credit card debt will also help you markedly improve your score.

Next, you need to find a lender that is willing to offer you a loan. While some independent lenders will provide you with financing if you have a poor credit score, you should also consider using an in-house lender at an auto store. Many car dealerships are willing to work with car buyers that don’t have good credit.

Lastly, it’s essential to make sure that you compare your financing offer against multiple other options. While you won’t have the same level of choice as borrowers with good credit, it’s critical to ensure you’re not being ripped off by a lender. Make sure that you can afford the rate you’re being offered.

So, if you’re ready to apply for an auto loan, make sure to take advantage of these used car buying tips with poor credit in Snohomish. At Carson Cars, we can help you access financing if you don’t have a stellar credit score.  We have helped plenty of car buyers purchase a vehicle, regardless of their credit score — contact us at (425) 697-6969 to discuss our auto loan options!

Are You Search For Military Auto Loans in Edmonds?

Are You Search For Military Auto Loans in Edmonds?

If you’re a military member or veteran that is seeking an auto loan, you’ll be pleased to know that some dealerships and finance companies offer exclusive benefits to military customers. This means that you’ll have access to separate loan products than the general public. In this blog post, we’ll explore how military auto loans in Edmonds can make the car buying process much easier for eligible clients.

While many military members know they can access government-backed mortgages and other lending products, few realize that many auto lenders also offer benefits on car loans. While the benefits you receive will depend on the lender, you’ll often be able to access an auto loan at a lower rate if you can prove you have eligible military service.

Outside of lower interest rates, military members may also benefit from a host of other features. Some military auto loans will also include rebates, discounts, custom payment periods, and lower credit score approval thresholds.

Either way, it’s always best to check if a military loan is offering you genuine benefits. Compare the rates against the lender’s standard rates and determine if there are reasons that you’ll be able to save substantial money. If not, it may be a smart idea to use a different auto lender that offers legitimate military benefits.

Now that you know all that there is to know about military auto loans in Edmonds, it’s time to decide if it’s the right type of loan for your next vehicle. Our team at Carson Cars works with clients throughout the area — we provide access to a wide range of cars, as well as affordable military loans. If you’d like to discuss our current rates or your eligibility for our military loans, contact us at (425) 697-6969 today!

Where To Find Low Mileage Cars in Marysville

How to Find Low Mileage Cars in Marysville

When it comes time to purchase a new car, buying a brand-new model isn’t always the best option. Each year, thousands of people save money by opting to buy pre-owned vehicles — but some of these cars come loaded with mileage that can make them a ticking time bomb. If you’re looking for low mileage cars in Marysville, it’s essential to know the various benefits associated with owning this type of vehicle.

Low mileage cars are an excellent choice if you’re trying to reduce your chances of expensive repairs. If you purchase a low mileage car that has solid service history, you’re much less likely to run into trouble on the road. In some cases, low mileage cars might also still have their factory warranty — which means you will benefit from coverage of significant vehicle faults.

In most cases, a car is considered low mileage if it has traveled less than 12,000 miles per year of ownership. Anything above this indicates that the car has been overused.

Fortunately, even though low mileage cars are more expensive than cars that have been driven extensively, buyers will still benefit from the fact that vehicle prices drop significantly as soon as they’ve been driven off the lot. Even if you purchase a car that is only two months old, you’ll save a substantial amount of money.

At Carson Cars, we stock a wide range of low mileage cars. As an independent dealership, we’re not confined to one particular make or model — you can find almost any type of car on our lot. In addition to reliable vehicles and excellent customer service, we can also offer in-house financing that streamlines the process of accessing an auto loan. If you want to discuss our low mileage car in Marysville, contact our team at (425) 697-6969.

10 Things to Know for First-Time Car Buyers

First Time Car Buyer Financing

Buying a car for the first time can be exciting, challenging, scary, risky, confusing, overwhelming, exhausting, and incredibly rewarding all at the same time. So how do you prepare to make such a huge decision and confidently pull the trigger on a purchase you’ll live with every day for years to come? First, take a deep breath. And then read through our list of ten things all first-time car buyers should know:

1. Budget realistically

While it’s always ideal to pay up-front in cash, that’s not always realistic. Chances are, you’re going to wind up with some type of financing, so you have to factor a monthly car payment into your current budget. Don’t overestimate what you can afford to spend each month, or be overly confident about what you’ll be willing to sacrifice regularly… sure, it’s easy to say now that you’ll give up happy hour, but making that decision weekly for the next several years won’t be nearly as effortless. And don’t forget to factor in taxes, repairs, gas, insurance, and maintenance along with that monthly payment. Consider using an auto cost calculator online to see what you’ll really be spending on a monthly and yearly basis.

2. Decide what you really need

Before you even start looking at the features of specific cars you might be interested in, be honest about what you actually need in a car, day in and day out. This isn’t the time to think about what’s fashionable, what your dream car has always been, or even what you’ll need occasionally. Just like with your budget, this is the time to be realistic. Ask yourself the real questions: how many passengers will you have a regular day, how much parking space do you have where you live, how much time per day will you be spending in this car? For example, don’t get a truck or SUV thinking it will help when it comes time to move. It makes much more fiscal sense to rent a truck when you’re moving or need to haul something, and buy a smaller car for everyday use.

3. Consider what you want

Yes, this sounds contrary to the previous tip. But your wants do also come into play here. After all, this is not a process you will be repeating in the near future. The car you’re about to purchase will be your car for a long time, so it’s important to have the features that you really want. At this point, you need to carefully consider which of these features is an absolute must for you and which ones you would be fine living without. For example, if you have a long commute and you live in a cold area, heated seats might be very important to you. Someone else might not even consider a car that wasn’t Bluetooth-enabled. Calculate how much more your gotta-have-it upgrade will cost per month and decide (honestly!) if it’s worth it.

4. Research, research, research

Finally, it’s time to start researching! In the age of the internet, there is absolutely no excuse to not do all of the research. Fully research every car you’re interested in before you ever step foot in a dealership. Online, there are no showroom distractions. You can focus entirely on learning about the cars. Pay close attention to important features like mileage and safety ratings, read reviews from real buyers, talk to anyone you know or meet who owns the cars you’re considering. Do the footwork now, and it will save you big in the long-run!

5. Financing

Many people head into a dealership for the first time with a solid handle on their budget, feeling like they’re on top of things, but they’ve made one huge mistake: they’ve left the dealer as their only option for financing. Always, always, always shop for loans before you ever start shopping for a car! Getting preapproved for a loan not only helps you confirm a concrete budget, it also prevents you from being taken advantage of in the moment by the dealership. When you walk into that dealership for the first time, you should be armed with your credit score and your offers from multiple financial institutions. Then you have the power and you can see how the dealership’s financing offer measures up.

6. Take someone with you

Okay, so you’re walking into that dealership for the first time with your research in mind, knowing your credit score and financing options… who’s walking in with you? If you said “no one”, you’re setting yourself up to be at a disadvantage. Unfortunately, being a first-time buyer might lead some salesmen to believe you can be easily swayed by high-pressure tactics. Having another person with you, especially an experienced car buyer, can keep you from being taken advantage of. And it’s always beneficial to have a fresh set of eyes and ears, a voice of reason, someone on the outside who can contribute their perspective.

7. Test drive

There’s a reason the saying “you don’t buy a car without taking it for a test drive” is so well-known. No matter how much research you’ve done, you’ll never know how you really feel about a car until you drive it. There’s a difference between a car looking good on paper and driving well. Take at least 30 minutes for the test drive and be sure to drive it through different areas Iots of stoplights, freeways, etc.) And if you’re test driving multiple cars, do them all on the same day so you can compare them fairly.

8. Get an inspection

Just like never buying a car from a dealership without a test drive, you should never buy a used car without having your own certified mechanic perform an inspection. Yes, it may cost a little money and a little time, but it’s well-worth it, especially if the mechanic catches an issue that could be a huge money pit shortly down the road.

9. Establish purchase price

Just to be clear, budgeting for what you can afford and setting a purchase price are not the same thing. In fact, you should never divulge the amount you’ve decided you can pay per month to the dealership. Instead, take the amount you can afford per month and figure out how much the total cost of the car would be… and then go low. Give yourself room to negotiate. This is probably the most intimidating part of the process for a first-time car buyer, which is another reason it’s helpful to have an experienced car buyer there with you. Before you settle on a final purchase price, always get quotes from multiple dealership (or request a Carfax report for a used car). And if you are buying a used car, make sure you include any repair estimates (this is where that inspection comes into play) to negotiate down the total price of the car.

10. Enjoy/trust your gut

Even though buying a car for the first time can seem overwhelming, it’s important to focus on the milestone and try to enjoy yourself. Just remember, you’ll never buy a first car ever again! And, at the end of the day, if you’ve prepared and researched and budgeted and gone through every necessary step, when it’s time to pull the trigger on the purchase you just have to go with your gut. If something feels wrong, walk away. Once you’ve found the right car and made a purchase you feel good about, it will all be worth it!

Learn more about how Carson Cars can help you buy your first with quick and easy financing here.

Experienced Sales Person Wanted!

Automotive Sales Associate Job Opportunities in Lynnwood Washington

Carson Cars is looking for a talented, & self-motivated individual to join our team.

Do you possess honesty, integrity, loyalty?
Do people naturally trust you?

We would really like to meet you and see if you would be a good fit within our family owned and operated dealership.

We have an immediate opening for a motivated Automotive Sales Consultant.

  • Do you thrive in a fast paced, professional environment with unlimited career growth potential?
  • Are you an enthusiastic and trustworthy individual with a strong work ethic?
  • Do you have a desire to win?

What we offer to a Automotive Sales Representative:

  • Nearly unlimited income potential! Our quality salespeople earn well over $100K annually.
  • A positive work environment offering some of the highest commissions paid in the industry.
  • We sell over 100 cars a month and have over 20,000 previous customers!!
  • We stock over 200 cars, trucks, vans & SUV’s in inventory at all times!
  • We own our own finance company and can make EVERY deal APPROVED!!
  • Excellent finance options where we can deliver every customer!
  • Easy sales process. Every car safety checked & includes a warranty.
  • We operate our own Service Department with free customer service loaners.
  • Family work environment. NO TIES! Business casual dress!

What we require from a Automotive Sales Representative:

  • You must be a motivated individual with a great attitude and be willing to work with a team.
  • You must have excellent customer service, communication, and follow up skills.\
  • You will be expected to assist customers with the selection of a vehicle. (Sell cars!)
  • Our sales consultants are responsible for all aspects of the vehicle sales process, including: customer contact, vehicle presentations, demonstration drives, and details of the purchase process. (Sell more cars!)
  • You will also be expected to take charge of YOUR customer base to follow up with and maintain relationships with your customers. (Sell even more cars!)

Previous automotive sales experience is an advantage, but certainly not required for the right person! We will invest in the right person!

All applicants must:

  • Be at least 21 years old, possess a valid driver’s license and an acceptable driving record. All applicants must be able to pass a drug screening.

Benefits for an Automotive Sales Representative:

  • Consistent 5 day/week set schedule: Weekly CA$H spiffs and BONU$E$
  • Medical insurance program for you AND your dependents!
  • On-going training programs provided: Reimbursement for continuing education WE INVEST IN YOUR SUCCESS!
  • Full sales CRM program w/top of the line software to assist you!
  • Employee discounts on sales, service, and parts

Are you ready for a life changing career move? Come see why Carson Cars is the BEST place to buy a car or truck and an even BETTER place to work!

Carson Cars is a family run business, serving the NW since 1968. Carson Cars is an equal opportunity employer. Automotive Sales Representative WANTED!

CALL Sales Manager, Robert Stokes at (425)248-8680

Job Type: Full-time